Angelique De Castro


Angelique De Castro (she/they) explores the complexities of identity and agency in the digital, globalized age through the juxtaposition of ceramic sculpture, 3D animation, and new media. Angelique draws from Filipino aesthetics, mythology, and pop culture to create vibrant characters and immersive stories that subvert cultural narratives. They typically co-create with other artists whose practices are socially engaged or whose presence in their medium is underrepresented.

They are also a Senior Software Engineer at The New York Times engineering reader and editorial-facing news products.

Selected projects

Angelique is an alum of the virtual artist-in-residence program at the Asian American Art Alliance (A4). This interactive recipe commissioned for the celebration of Lunar New Year with A4 was kind of written up in The New York Times. They have worked with a jazz composer, a Grammy nominated jazz pianist, and a DJ to augment their live performances with animations. They were a technologist and animator for Decolonized Tarot, a psychic performance and Filipino mythology-inspired tarot deck. They were an illustrator for a zine that teaches algorithms at a middle school level with Paper Oranges (buying a zine helps us distribute the zine to teaching institutions for free!). They have coded and collaborated on a project about censorship that garnered backlash from the Chinese government. They are also working on a short film animation with a multimedia artist and activist about imagining a de-gentrified future of Sunset Park in Brooklyn. She is also working on a site-specific projection installation about queer heartbreak. In the meantime, check out their interview with A4 and Google Arts & Culture ✨.

More links to their creative pursuits as a technologist, illustrator, and experimental 3D animator are below.

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